Cassidy Williams

Software Engineer in Chicago

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My own answers to the newsletter questions you just got

I figured I’d put this page together, since I ask YOU questions, you should get to know my own answers, too!

Also: thank you so much for answering them. I get genuine joy from reading your responses!

What do you do?

I code a bunch. I’d say my short title is “software engineer and developer advocate” but my longer one is, “person who likes to teach, code, and teach code, and also blogs and writes a newsletter and makes memes and stuff.”

What do you like to read?

I have particularly enjoyed fantasy lately (and blogged about it here), and enjoy the occasional productivity book, as well. I’ve dabbled in genres like thrillers as well, but I tend to go back to my less stressful options.

How did you find this?

I wrote it!

What is your favorite joke?

Honestly my favorite is a classic from my grandpa:

Why did the seagull go to the sea instead of the bay?
Because it’s a SEAgull, not a BAYgull!

I know it’s groan-worthy, but I think the nostalgia will always keep this one amongst my favorites!

What is your dream?

I would love to build games to teach kids math, one day. I think it would be so fun. I know I could do it now, but I want to be able to dedicate real time to making them well, which I simply don’t have right now. Until then, I dream of delicious food, cozy movie time, and piles of good books to read!

If you have more questions for me, I have a little Ask Me Anything repository that you’re welcome to explore (or you could ask whatever I might be missing)!