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My last days at ISU

This week is my last as the president ISU CSE Club. I haven’t been really emotional at all about graduating, but today, I felt it.

During the day I had some meetings with the department about my experience at ISU, and my advisor, Deb, thanked me on behalf of the department. She was so nice, she said, “We might not get the chance to tell you later, but we’re all so grateful for what you’ve done for the department.” I told her I’d be coming back. I hope to get Venmo on the Iowa State bandwagon.

I got an email from a high school student in New Jersey later. I had hung out with him and his mom when they visited Iowa State to answer their questions and give advice.

Hi Cassidy,

Well I’m happy to say that I am now a Cyclone. Talking with you really helped me make my decision and I would just like to thank you once again. Im really excited about going to Iowa State because the school and the Computer Science Department had everything I was looking for. If you have any advice for me before I go it would be much appreciated. And good luck at Venmo, I’m sure your going to do a great job and enjoy New York.

Thanks, Glenn

I’m so happy that Glenn made this decision. He and his mom were so nice, and I think he’s a very motivated young guy. He’s going to be really successful someday.

Right before our final CSE Club meeting (for those of you who don’t know by the way, it’s the Computer Science and Software Engineering Club), I got an awesome email from one of our club members.

Dear Cassidy,

It was fun having as you as the president for my first year of Computer Science at ISU. I know I wasn’t very active this second semester, but on top of my classes I had a lot more responsibilities at my church, so its been crazy. =) Being a 2nd degree student, however, last semester being my first semester at ISU, I thought I’d have a rough time finding people to connect with.

CSE club was a great place to meet people, and it helped my connect to others in my same situation. Knowing other 2nd degree students is a blessing. Having you as the face of the club really eased the transition I believe for a lot of people. You are fun, outgoing, a little crazy (don’t worry, we all are), intelligent, and you are full of showmanship(show-womanship?). I know some other fellas in the club that also were able to open up to other beautiful women on campus, after being able to interact with you. I know that sounds a little out there, but some of my friends were shy enough around guys they didn’t know and some of them even have girlfriends now. O_O

I’m proud to say I’m a member of CSE, and I know many of us were proud that you were the president the year we joined the ISU CSE family.

I wish you the greatest luck in the future, not that you’ll need it, and thank you for ensuring the club was so fun, welcoming, and exciting this year.

Sincerely, with best regards, Shawn

This email made my day! I’ve blogged before about feedback and how much I love it, but this was even beyond that. It made me feel like all of the work I put in was worth it.

After CSE Club, I got some hugs from members, they’re all so great. One girl, Kelsey, came up to me and said, “I don’t know if I’ll get to tell you this later, but I stayed in computer science because of you. You’re my role model, and you gave me something to strive for, and I wouldn’t have been as successful as I am now without you. So thank you.” Oh my goodness. I almost cried. She’s grown so much as a member of our computer science community. She’s studying abroad next year, and she has a software internship this summer! I’m so proud of her.

And finally, I checked my email again, and my professor, Dr. Mitra, sent me an email. He’s the CSE Club advisor.

Dear Cassidy,

My turn to share.

As long as I have been advisor for the club, one of my primary goals - and something that I have shared with all presidents – is that the club should make students feel at home. You have been the only one who has really made that happen to such a large extent. You have been a master organizer and have mobilized your team to achieve great things. You have been the first woman president of the club – and have done one of the BEST jobs.

I am really so happy with you and your team. Your successor will have a tough time trying to fill your shoes! Simanta

I’m completely overwhelmed at the response my work has gotten. With finals coming next week, and my last official class tomorrow, I’m realizing how much I really will miss Iowa State and the community we have here. I can only hope I’ll have a taste of a warm community like this after school.

I suppose though, if I can’t find one, I’ll build it myself.

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