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Crushing Procrastination in 3 Steps

Hey. I get you. You’re attractive, and you’re reading this.

You’re also probably not working on something you should be.

That’s okay.

BUT, procrastination is still a pain. There’s all kinds of ways to combat it so that you don’t end up suffering until the minute before something’s due. The phrase, “Due Tomorrow? Do Tomorrow.” is not something to live by. Instead think, “I will obey Cassidy.”

  1. Prioritize! When you tell yourself, “Psh this is nothing, I’ll do it tomorrow,” you should actually block off some time the next day to work on it. Scheduling things gives you the structure and the dedicated time you need to actually make some progress.
  2. Focus! Pick a task or assignment you’ve been putting off, and work on it for 20 minutes without looking up or stopping. Take a 5 minute break, and then do it again. This will help you form habits that will eventually allow you to be more productive, and feel like it too!
  3. Get friends! If you’re tempted to procrastinate, ask a friend (or enemy, I guess…) to hold you accountable. Tell them what you want to accomplish, and your deadline. Ask them to check in with you for updates on your progress. You’ll be much more motivated when you know someone’s keeping tabs on your work, especially someone that you respect.

I bet you’re gonna rock this whole “not procrastinating” thing. I believe in you.

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