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Front-end Design Conference recap

I spoke at Front-end Design Conference this past week, and it was a wonderful time!

The conference was down in St. Petersburg, Florida. This was my first in-person conference talk since the pandemic, which was kind of mind-blowing to realize, but also so fun.

The talks weren’t recorded, but if you want to get a similar vibe to the talk I gave, it was about Share Pear and it was somewhat similar to the talk I gave at!

I think my favorite talk at the event was from Stephanie Eckles, who talked about Modern CSS. I highly recommend checking out her site to learn from her!! Also, Adam Kuhn made the game Doom in just CSS, if you’d like to feel bad at CSS.

I really loved speaking in person again. Seeing the actual humans in the audience reacting to what I was saying was so special compared to seeing chat on a screen. I admit… the effort of going to a “real life” event is kind of rough now that I’m used to the comfort of speaking from my own home on my multi-screen setup, but friendly events like this make it worth it!

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