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Amazing and Free Software

I’ve been “collecting” free software for ages, and now I think it’s time to start sharing the fun. Here’s a list of come of my favorite software that you can have for FREE!


GIMP - Adobe Photoshop-like image editor
Sumo Paint - Online Photoshop-like image editor
Inkscape - Adobe Illustrator-like vector editor
ColorPic - Color picker (i.e. “Gee, I want to use the color of her shirt” *uses ColorPic*)
Blender - 3D content creation

Desktop Apps

Handbrake - Converts DVD videos to computer formats
DVDVideoSoft - Converts pretty much anything, anywhere from YouTube to PSP to MP3.
Skype - Online phone and video calls


Audacity - Incredible audio editor, plug-ins available
Juice - Organizes and captures your podcasts
EphPod - Similar to iTunes, but does more, including moving music from your iPod to a new computer!
WavePad - Audio editor (make sure you get the free version!)
Screamer Radio - Record internet radio in many different formats


ADRIFT - Text/Interactive Fiction/Game generator

That’s all for now. Have fun!

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