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Greetings, future billionaires

You know that meme phrase, “Wow! If I had a nickel for every time [x], I’d have two nickels— which isn’t a lot, but it’s weird that it happened twice. Right?”

Today, for the second time ever, I met someone who is friends with a person who became a billionaire, and that now-billionaire has made them their personal software engineer, and they just work for that person full time and make an incredibly generous salary.

Both of them work on absolutely random projects that range from app prototypes to… fixing submarines. It blows my mind. I asked one of them how their now-billionaire friend has changed and he said, “eh, he drives a much nicer car to the grocery store, and travels really, really well, but the rest is kind of the same.”

The scale of a billion dollars is so unfathomable. You could pay someone a salary of a million dollars for a thousand years, and never run out of money, because you make more than that on just interest alone. I will never not be floored at the concept. You could solve so many of the world’s problems, and still live a perfectly comfortable life.

Anyway, hey future billionaires, lmk if you want me to be your personal software engineer. I probably can’t fix your submarine, but I could make you a reeeeally performant web app and tell you some decent jokes, all for the measly price of me never having to worry about my bills, childcare, or healthcare costs again!

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