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Ideal fishing spots

My husband Joe is really into fishing. I’ve done it before myself, but it’s a bit embarrassing because I am afraid of fish, so let’s not get into it.

Anyway, he goes fishing at really weird and specific times, like, “5am in early December is ideal for perch in Lake Michigan” (is that sentence correct? Maybe? Eh) or, “if you want sheepshead fish, you GOTTA go to Florida” (sure, Joe).

Sometimes he comes home from fishing without catching anything, and he’ll say something like, “the conditions weren’t good, I’ll just try again when they are.” He’ll be sad, but it doesn’t stop him from fishing, and he’s gotten a lot better over time.

I think this is a good metaphor for a lot of things. A lot of folks I know right now are struggling with job hunting, struggling with sales, struggling with getting things done, struggling with staying above water, etc. Maybe the conditions just aren’t good right now. You can still work with them, push through, and get better over time.

Or be a scaredy cat, like me. Wee!

Cassidy screaming at a fish

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