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Making a single line break in markdown

Sometimes when you write markdown, you’ll write some paragraph…

and then you hit “Enter” twice to make another paragraph.

Like this...

...and then this.

This will render:

<p>Like this...</p>
<p>...and then this.</p>

But, sometimes you want to make a single line break, kind of like in HTML where you have:

Like this... <br />
...and then this.

In markdown, you can just drop in a <br /> and it’ll work perfectly fine. But, if you want to keep your markdown HTML-less, you can add a backslash \ after your line, like so!

Like this...\
...and then this.

This is supported in most markdown processors, but not all of them. Definitely check on the one you’re using before you push to prod. Some processors also allow you to add a double space at the end of a line as well (truly just , hit your spacebar twice), but since a lot of code editor setups trim empty spaces, I personally prefer the backslash way.


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