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Things you should have on your LinkedIn profile

Hello friends!

Now I know what you’re thinking. “I’m attractive, and that’ll get me a job after college. Why do I need a LinkedIn?”

Well, the harsh reality is, the world thinks you’re beautiful, but that’s the least interesting thing about you. It wants to see your work ethic, your personality, and your LinkedIn profile.

So let’s give the world what it wants.

Firstly, you’ll want your professional name on there. No nicknames. As much as I want to put my common name (Cassie “The Rock” Danger Girl) on there, I know that Cassidy will have to do, and it will have to for you too.

Secondly, you’ll want a professional photo. I know that selfie of you with 50 grapes in your mouth is impressive, but typically companies don’t put that in job descriptions. So, get someone to take a photo of you where you’re looking sharp!

Manage your endorsements! If you want more people to endorse you for the fact that you know Spanish, ask them to. They affect how you appear in LinkedIn search results. The average number of endorsements per LinkedIn user is 5, but it’s much easier than you think to get more. I recommend trying to get 12 for as many skills as possible. That’s the maximum number of pictures that show per skill, so it looks more impressive on your profile visually.

Build credibility with some recommendations! A few recommendations from respected people like a professor, mentor, coworker, or boss can really help you out and establish your credibility. You might have to ask for them, but it’s worth it!

Join relevant groups. There’s a ton of groups on LinkedIn for people from different companies, events, schools, interests, etc. 81% of LinkedIn users belong to at least one group. When you have those showing up on your profile, it can really show potential employers what your interests are and which organizations you’re a part of. Plus, you can use group messaging to contact other group members about potential opportunities.

And finally, show your stuff! Post your projects, classwork, test scores, patents, certifications, volunteer activities, extracurriculars, anything that will help you become more marketable! Add pictures, videos, and descriptions to really show what you did.

Your LinkedIn profile is your public facing profile to employers all over the country. Help them help you find a job, internship, co-op, or work study!

Talk to you soon, my lovelies <3

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