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Nice keyboards make me want to write blogs

This is a blog that is truly written for the purpose of me using my keyboard because it feels nice.

I’ve talked about how much I love mechanical keyboards before, and anyone who has spent time with me knows that I will talk about them at some point. If you don’t have one, I made a free email course a little while back that helps you learn how to build your own, if you want to.

The keyboard I’m typing on right how has linear switches, specifically Gateron Yellows. I normally prefer tactile switches, and clicky ones beyond that, but when I do dabble with some nice linear ones on occasion… I get it. It’s so smooth. I feel like I’m just typing on butter. Wow.

I feel like I should probably have more purpose to this blog post but I genuinely don’t know what else to write about right now. I made a new web page for my W-9 Crafter app yesterday. I ate some mango with Tajín this morning. I should fill up my water bottle. I should probably blog more in general.

Anyway. This has been fun. The words flew. The keys were typed. And now I should probably use this keyboard to like… write some emails or something. Alright. Bye.

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