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One year at Venmo

My goodness, I’ve been at Venmo for a year now. It’s a little mind-blowing! I still feel like I just got here, and at the same time, I feel like I’ve been here forever.

I keep this private journal (check out, it’s awesome), and it’s so funny reading my posts from a year ago.

Today was my first full day of work! I admit I’m pretty intimidated by what lies ahead. I’ll be working with languages I don’t really know, and I’m using technologies I’m not familiar with. I hope I can learn quickly and show them what I can do!

As I read through some of them, during my first few months I was just so worried about my performance. I was convinced that I wasn’t going anything right.

And then, in November, something just clicked. I worked at a hackathon and had a really productive week, and one of my entries simply reads:

I have a sudden motivation to really stand out and be a leader at Venmo.

Almost all of my posts after this one about work are so positive! I didn’t realize there was a shift then, but now I can see it over time. Ever since this post, I’ve been loving my work more and more. I’m getting to work on some cool projects, with some truly wonderful people, and I feel like the company is doing really well.

I love working at Venmo. I’m looking forward to helping the team grow and thrive, and I can’t wait until the day Venmo can be used for any payment in the world.

And who knows? Maybe, someday, I will get to lead something big at Venmo. Only time will tell. :)

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