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I went to the White House!

So, last week I told you I went to the White House for an event with my sister. NOW I AM BACK.

As a refresher (or if you didn’t read my previous post, we were invited to speak at the White House Tech Inclusion Summit! We were 2 of 10 girls in computer science picked to attend across the U.S. It was an awesome event, we got to meet a lot of cool people in technology and in the government and we spoke about women in technology and computer science education.

We also got to sight-see a little bit and eat with some important people from Microsoft and the National Center for Women & IT. It was a blast overall, and an incredibly impressive and motivating experience!

Anyway, that’s the update from this end. If you are a high schooler reading this and you don’t know what to major in, seriously consider computer science. You get to go amazing events like this one, and you’ll truly express your creativity in a fun and unique way!

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