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Tips for posting on LinkedIn

I took a workshop that the LinkedIn team had about the best kinds of posts on the platform, so you don’t have to! Here’s some high level notes:

  • LinkedIn News loves to amplify content if it’s original/not just a link away from the platform (your content has to hit a quality bar to happen). It’s okay to link away if there’s a good amount of insight on LinkedIn itself.
  • You should add questions when you end a post so that people engage with your content.
  • Your first two lines of your posts have to be the engaging ones, don’t bury the lede.
  • When talking about events/talks/anything live, your “superpower” trick is to remember what it feels like to be in the audience and write about your perspective.
  • When it comes to re-sharing content:
    • Share 1-3 insights
    • Give your point of view on what content says
    • Longer posts do better (at least 3 paragraphs), but short sentences in the long post do even better.
    • Make sure the first two lines pull people in
  • The best kind of content that gets re-shared and promoted:
    • Helps people get jobs
    • Helps people understand their industry or a trend in their industry
  • If you post a video, make it 2 minutes or less, and make sure the text accompanying it is not too long (less than 100 words or so).
  • If you really want to be “boosted” by the algorithm, try to post 3-4 times a week.
  • People love polls. Add polls. Adding an “Other” option to a poll increases its visibility a bunch.

And this is a good example post that the LinkedIn team loves, that gets actual human boosts from their team!

Hope this is helpful!

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