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Startup Weekend Ames

Have you ever thought about starting your own business?\

Well, this past weekend, Ames participated in Startup Weekend for the first time. Startup Weekend is an organization in which you spend Friday evening, plus all of Saturday and Sunday to try and build your own business or product from the ground up.

I participated with some of my friends and it was a blast! We worked hard all weekend on a phone app called “Finddit” that helps you find where you last left your car or bike or anything, plus you can share marked locations with friends (like if you’re tailgating and want to show where your tent is, or where a booth at the career fair is, etc.).

Cassidy focusing super hard

We pitched it in front of everyone there and got a lot of good feedback!

Finddit pitch

You should try something like this when you get the opportunity so you can get fabulous prizes and experience!

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