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Adding co-authors to TinaCMS's Git commits

One of the things that bugged me since starting using TinaCMS was that the bot for the CMS did the GitHub commit for me, and I didn’t get that juicy green square on my profile when I blogged. I thought a nice workaround would be to configure Git commit co-authors, but they didn’t have a way to customize the commit message yet.

BUT after doing some poking in the TinaCMS Discord group about it, that’s not an issue anymore!

You can now go to your TinaCMS settings to add yourself!

Tina settings page where you set co-author information

You’ll need to add your GitHub username, but for your email, if you want to keep that private, you need to get that from GitHub. Go to your email settings, and then scroll to the “Keep my email addresses private” to find the email address that GitHub made for you to keep your personal email private.

GitHub's email settings page

And now, HA, this post was written by me AND committed by me, using TinaCMS. Woo hoo!

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