Cassidy Williams

Software Engineer in Chicago

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Speaker Rider

Before I’ll agree to speaking at a conference, meetup, or event, I research to make sure that it aligns with my goals of inclusion and diversity in the tech community.

I love speaking at events, and am so grateful to organizers who ask me to participate! I feel so privileged to be considered, and want to use that privilege to help the tech community be as inclusive as possible, where everyone can feel represented.

If I say no to your event (even if you do all of the below), please don’t take it personally! Because I speak often, it’s likely because I have a conflict, or I need to back off because I speak too much.

Anyway, onwards:

Hosting accommodations

Speaker honorarium





Code of Conduct

No white-majority, all-men lineups

Recordings/Intellectual Property


Virtual events

Bonus points I would love to see

Final thoughts

Thank you so much for reading through all of this! I hope none of it is particularly surprising, and that it’s reasonable for you. I want to speak at events that are inclusive, diverse, and accessible to everyone, and hope to contribute to the community surrounding them. If you disagree with parts of this, or want to discuss terms more, I am all ears and would love to speak further.